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These study guides are intended to help you organizing the main concepts and results you are supposed to know for each quiz. If you cannot download a study guide or open it in your computer, see the Frequently Asked Questions, which can also be reached from the link available on the right bar of the website

East Los Angeles College - Bio 3

 Mt. San Antonio College - Bio 1

Santa Monica College - Bio 3

























East Los Angeles College - Bio 3

Labs are ordered by LAB number, please check your class schedule to see which lab you have to study for, and email me if you missed the last lab to know what you have to study for

Lab 01: The Scientific Method, Catch Reflex

Lab 02: The Microscope

Lab 03: The Cell

Lab 04: Diffusion and Osmosis

Lab 05: Enzymes

Lab 06: Photosynthesis

Lab 07: Cell division (mitosis & meiosis)

Lab 08: Human Genetics (karyotypes, non-disjunction)

Lab 09: Molecular biology

Lab 10: Evolution & Natural Selection

Lab 11: Prokaryotes, Protista & Fungi

Lab 12: Plants

Lab 13: Animals

Lab 14: Circulatory System

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Mt. San Antonio College - Bio 1

Lab1_MtSAC CSI, the tools of biology

Lab2_You are what you eat

Lab3_The cell and the metric system

Lab4_How things move, passive transport

Lab5_Cellular Resp and Metabolic Rates

Lab6_Plants and Photosynthesis

Lab7_Biodiversity and Taxonomy

Lab8_DNA, Protein Synthesis, and Biotech


Lab10_Homologous structures

Lab11_Organisms interactions

Lab12_Population Growth and Diseases

Lab13_Resp. and Circulatory systems

Lab14_Human Senses

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Santa Monica College - Bio 3

Lab01_Snails races, Scientific Method & Metric System

Lab02_pH and water properties

Lab03_Microscopic life


Lab05_Respiration & Photosynthesis

Lab07 Human genetics

Lab08_DNA-Protein Synthesis

Lab09_Natural Selection

Lab10_Animal diversity

Lab11_Mammalian circulatory system


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