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Study Guides are ordered by chapter, which may NOT be the chronological order followed in lecture, so please check the class schedule to find out what chapters you have to bring to class or study for every test. If the class schedule changes during the semester, the topics for each test will be announced in the last class right before the exam's day. If you cannot download a study guide or open it in your computer, see the Frequently Asked Questions, which can also be reached from the link available on the right bar of the website

General Biology Study Guides

Marine Biology Study Guides

Human Biology Study Guides





















General Biology Study Guides

Animals (updated)

ATP and Energy, Enzymes (updated!)

Cell division: Mitosis & the cell cycle, cancer, stem cells (updated!)

Cell division: Meiosis & Sex cells generation. Chromosomes & sex determination (updated!)

Cells, structure and function, cellular transport (updated!)

Cellular Respiration, burning the fuel of life (updated!)

Chemistry (basic or inorganic), water properties, pH (updated!)

Chemistry (organic), The molecules of life (updated!)

DNA. RNA. Protein synthesis-from genes to proteins (updated)

Ecology, community & ecosystems (updated)

Ecology, intro, populations & human impacts (updated)

Evolution & Natural Selection (updated)

Genetics: (patterns of inheritance) (updated)

Photosynthesis, making the fuel of life (updated!)

Plants, Fungi (updated)

Prokaryotes & Protista (The Evolution of Microbial Life) (updated)

Organ Systems: Urinary, Respiratory, Circulatory, Digestive (updated)

Organ Systems: Immune (updated)

Organ Systems: Endocrine (hormones) (updated)

Species concepts, Reproductive barriers, Speciation mechanisms, taxonomy (updated)

The Scientific Method. Variables, Graphing & Introduction to biology (updated!)


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Marine Biology Study Guides

Lecture 1: What is biology, Marine biology and related sci, The Sci. Method (updated)

Lecture 2: Geological oceanography: the sea floor (updated)

Lecture 3: Physical oceanography: tides, currents, waves (updated)

Lecture 4: Chemical oceanography: water properties (updated)

Lecture 5 & 6: Basics of biology part 1 (updated), Basics of biology part 2 (updated)

Lecture 7: Life in the sea 1: The microbial world (updated)

Lecture 8: Life in the sea 2: Seaweeds and Plants (updated)

Lecture 10: Life in the sea 3: Invertebrates (updated)

Lecture 11: Life in the sea 4: Vertebrates 1, Fish (updated)

Lecture 12: Life in the sea 5: Vertebrates 2, Marine tetrapods (updated)

Lecture 13: Ecology, types of communities and ecosystems (updated)

Lecture 14: Marine ecosystems 1: Intertidal (between the tides) (updated)

Lecture 15: Marine ecosystems 2: Continental shelf (updated)

Lecture 16: Marine ecosystems 3: Epipelagic (open ocean) (updated)

Lecture 17: Marine ecosystems 4: Estuaries (updated)

Lecture 18: Marine ecosystems 5: Coral Reefs (updated)

Lecture 19: Marine ecosystems 6: Ocean Depths (updated)

Lecture 20: Marine ecosystems 7: Polar Regions (updated)

Lecture 21: Human Impacts (Overfishing, pollution, eutrophication, chemical cocktails, global warming) (updated)

Lecture 22: El Niño phenomenon (updated)


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